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IITDM-J (India) students visited our university with JENESYS2015

26 Jan 2016

On January 22nd, 27 undergraduate students, 2 graduate students, and 1 teacher from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur (IIITDM-J) visited our university for the purpose of exchange with a Japanese university under the Japan's Friendship Ties Program within JENESYS2015.

JENESYS2015 is a program implemented by the Japanese government for the purpose of improving Japan's image in the global community and contributing towards sustained interest in Japan. To this end, people who are anticipated to become influential in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region are invited to Japan in order to promote their understanding of Japan through this program. In addition to this, these participants would also transmit Japanese diplomacy and the appeal of Japan.

At the reception, one of our students wore kimonos, gave a presentation on Japanese culture and introduced our university. Further, a presentation on India was given by the visiting students, and our students who were in attendance listened with great interest.

Following the presentation, the visiting students joined our campus tour and enjoyed the feel of the campus, and then they visited laboratories and listened intently to the contents of the research and actively asked questions.

This visit turned out to be a great opportunity for both the students from India and our university to deepen mutual exchange.

160126je1.jpgCommemorative Photo

160126je2.jpgPresentation by Indian students

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