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Top high school students from Asia invited to Toyohashi Tech

24 Nov 2015


10 high school students, representing 4 high schools from Malaysia, Vietnam and Mongolia were invited to join a program at Toyohashi Tech which ran from October 26th to October 30th.
This kind of program, inviting high school students from Asian countries to visit our university in order to promote study abroad in Japan, represented a first for Toyohashi Tech. The schools we invited are all top-level high schools that typically send many graduates to study abroad. The students themselves were all candidates for the first crop of students to join our upcoming new "Global Technology Architect Course", which launches in April 2018.
They got to experience various lectures and experiments as well as visiting research centers and other university facilities. They had the chance to sample various aspects of Japanese technology and culture, such as Toyota Motor Corporation plant, Hamamatsu Science Museum, Okazaki castle and a writing-brush craft center.
Toyohashi Tech will continue to enhance this program so as to promote our university in Asia, and to increase the intake of international high school graduates to study technology at Toyohashi Tech in Japan.

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