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Third-year students from Indonesia's Insantama Boarding School visited Toyohashi Tech

06 Nov 2015


On November 4, 60 third-year Insantama Boarding School students visited Toyohashi Tech from Indonesia.
Insantama Boarding School is a private science-oriented high school, which was founded six years ago in Bogor, a city south of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.
The 60 third-year high school students visited Toyohashi Tech as a part of the "Advanced Leadership and Management Training Program (Indonesian: Latihan Kemimpinandan Manajemen Tingkat Akhir)", a program that sent them abroad with funds from corporate and other sponsors, and that was planned by the students themselves without any reliance on funds from their parents or the university.

After first being welcomed by Trustee/Vice President Mitsuteru Inoue, the students heard a presentation about the university and a description of the "Global Technology Architects Course", which will begin as a part of the Top Global University Project in April 2018, from Professor Takaaki Takashima. After that, seven of the Insantama Boarding School students gave presentations in English mixed with some Japanese on the program's theme of "The Leadership and Management Study to Japan".

In the afternoon, the students split into five groups to take a tour of the labs, and led by Indonesian Toyohashi Tech students, saw how the labs run. While they were touring the labs, the students enthusiastically asked questions about subjects ranging from details about research to life in Toyohashi and entrance exams.

They were able to visit the university for only a short time, but thanks to this visit, Toyohashi University of Technology is expected to be one of their options for their academic future.

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