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IGNITE held the 1st IGNITE Seminar 2015

01 Jul 2015

Institute of Global Network for Innovation in Technology Education (Ignite) held the 1st Ignite Seminar 2015, "The trend of Germany's Industry 4.0 and its effects on Japanese companies" on June 19th (Fri.) 2015.

The lecturer, Dr. Fumio Kojima (Technical Expert of DENSO Corporation) delivered a speech related to the topic.

Focusing on Industry 4.0 regarded as the fourth industrial revolution, he explained not only about the trend and changes of manufacturing but also its effects on Japan in detail with using various photos and videos, based on his experiences in Germany. (About 54 people including university students, staff, and people involved in international cooperation participated in the seminar)

In the question-and-answer session with audience, some people asked the lecturer various questions.

We got valuable feedback from the participants, such as "It was really useful to know what Industry 4.0 was and hear various opinions about automatization" and "It was good to know new industrial technologies and automation line of the real field."

We appreciate the audience for the kind and active participation.

Ignite is planning to hold several seminars related to the global issues such as economy, society, industry, technology, and education.

We welcome any suggestions to formulate the upcoming seminars.


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