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Toyohashi Tech was selected as one of 37 Japanese universities to participate in MEXT's "Top Global University Project"

08 Oct 2014

Toyohashi Tech has been actively endeavoring to respond to the various challenges for university reform being put forward by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), being selected to participate in a number of innovative MEXT driven projects.

In 2012 it was selected for the National University Reform Enhancement Project, and in 2013 for the Leading Graduate School Program as well as the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities.

By putting these programs into practice, Toyohashi Tech aims to raise its global profile to the point that it becomes recognized worldwide as a leading international university.

Thanks in part to its efforts in this regard, Toyohashi Tech applied for, and was selected to take part in, the Top Global University Project under the category of Global-Leading Type (type B).

In order to achieve the goals of this project, Toyohashi Tech will create a truly multicultural campus which will help foster high quality engineers with thoroughly international sensibilities.

These 'Global Technology Architects' will be able to apply their advanced technological skills and scientific training to global issues, and their leadership skills and vision to getting the job done in the real world of industry.

The following initiatives will be taken to realize this.

"Creative Campus for Nurturing Global Technology Architects"

- Global Technology Architects course
- Multicultural Boarding House
- Global capability upgrade of all students, faculty members and university staff

See below for more details on the Toyohashi Tech Top Global University Project.

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- "Sience": Internationalization of University Education in Japan
- MEXT Press Release: Selection for the FY 2014 Top Global University Project

Video Introduction: Toyohashi Tech Top Global University Project

Comments by President Takashi Onishi on being selected for this Project

I am overjoyed to see that Toyohashi Tech has been selected for the Top Global University Project.

At Toyohashi Tech we have a long history of collaborative international research and actively accepting students from overseas, but with this opportunity I hope we can take another step forward to become a university worthy of the name of a Multicultural Global Campus.

Toyohashi Tech specializes in providing higher education to graduates of Japan's technical colleges.

We also enthusiastically accept students from regular and technical high schools to join our mission to provide the core human resources to support Japan's industry.

Providing all of our students with the opportunities to become leading engineers and researchers on the wider global stage, will enable them to further assist in the development of Japan's primary sectors.

Toyohashi Tech's Top Global University concept aims to create an environment where undergraduate and graduate students from inside and outside the university can further themselves through friendly rivalry, beyond the barriers of language and culture.

Through this, we aim to foster global technology architects: creative leaders in science and technology with a solid international grounding.

Toyohashi Tech is fortunate to be a facility with nearly 30% of its students living on campus.

We intend to augment this with shared-house style dormitories in our new Multicultural Boarding House.

Overall, through this new project, we aspire to truly become a campus both in name and fact worthy of being called a Top Global University.

We look forward to receiving your advice and support.

Takashi Onishi
President, Toyohashi University of Technology


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