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The Rector of Tadulako University, Indonesia, and Faculty Members visited Toyohashi Tech

01 Jul 2014

A Group of ten members including Rector, Prof. Muhammad Basir Cyio from Tadulako University, Indonesia, visited Toyohashi University of Technology on June 23.

Tadulako University is the largest national university in Central Salawesi, Indonesia, and has conducted research that is rooted in their community.
Tadulako University and Toyohashi University of Technology signed an Inter-University Exchange Agreement in July, 2011. This visit was requested by Tadulako University, and arranged to discuss about exchange student, based on the regulations.
Prof. Hiroyuki Daimon, the director of Center for International Relations (CIR), Prof. Naohiro Hozumi, the director of International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED), and Associate Prof. Nobumasa Sekishita joined the preliminary discussion and talked about requests of exchange student concretely with Rector Basir, Prof. Mery Napitupulu, Head of international office, and others.

Also, our President Takashi Onishi and Vice President Mitsuteru Inoue and Prof. Takanobu Inoue participated in this meeting and exchanged information about the circumstances and education programs of universities in Indonesia besides exchange student.
In addition, they had an inspection tour to Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research, Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS), Venture Business Laboratory.

Despite a limited time schedule, this visit turned out to be a valuable opportunity to develop university inter-exchange in research and education for the future.


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