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Opening Ceremony Held for TUT-USM Penang

20 Jan 2014

An opening ceremony was held on 4 December 2013 in Penang, Malaysia, for the launch of TUT-USM Penang.About 300 people including President Yoshiyuki Sakaki, government officers attended the ceremony. The tape-cutting by president and distinguished guests was followed by traditional Malaysian lion dances and other events to celebrate the event.
The IGNITE 2013 symposium was also held on the following day at the Penang Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Hotel to commemorate the opening.
The establishment of the TUT-USM Penang overseas education base is part of National University Reform Enhancement Promotion Project, and will be used for sending Japanese students for language learning and internships at local companies, learning manufacturing in coordination with these companies and allowing them to reassess Japanese culture and diversely absorb other cultures.
 Go to the following link for more details on the TUT-USM Penang.
Commemorative tape-cutting

2014012004.jpg 2014012005.jpg
Participants at the IGNITE symposium President Yoshiyuki Sakaki's speech
2014012006.jpg 2014012007.jpg
Lion Dance Entrance Hall
2014012008.jpg 2014012009.jpg
Lecture Room IGNITE 2013 Symposium

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