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"Special lecture on Integrated Fields" and "A Super Leader Tutorial -- Talk with the Top" for the Tailor Made Baton Zone educational program

02 Aug 2011

sakaki_lec.jpgOn Friday, July 15th, 2011, a "Tailor Made Baton Zone educational program - Special lecture on Integrated Fields (No.3)" and a "Super Leader Tutorial --Talk with the Top" were held in Lecture Room A2-201.

In this lecture, Professor Hiroyuki Sakaki, the President of the Toyota Technological Institute and a world-renowned researcher into the application of quantum effects in solid state physics in the field of semiconductor engineering was invited to talk about "Academic capability and Research capability -based on experiences in research into semiconductor nano-structures"

Professor Sakaki opened the lecture by relating episodes from the lives of Sakichi Toyoda and Henry Ford.
Both of these men were leading inventors and entrepreneurs in Japan and in the United States respectively, and it was mentioned that both had already created new technologies by the age of 15 or 16 years. 
This opening story was intended as a provocative message to the audience, who were predominantly students over 20 years old. 
In addition, he stressed the necessity for both originality and ingenuity, and also for higher education within the universities in order to generate and develop advanced industries based on modern physics, including electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, and communication theory.

sakaki_lec2.jpgFurthermore, Professor Sakaki showed examples how industry and science had developed deep, sharing relationships, emphasizing that one we must sense the "Wind of the Age" and look toward that direction. 

He also mentioned aspects of the experiences he had while studying abroad when he was a high-school student, and of research activities that he had been involved in abroad after he became a researcher, including the importance of gaining experience of different cultures and the importance of the long friendships he had made when attending international conferences. 
He also stressed that "doing things at one's own pace" while still being aware of the "wind of the age" is an important quality in a researcher, based on his own life in research with all its ups and downs.

After a series of talks, he spoke about the accidents that happened at the nuclear power plants in the wake the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. 
Now that the myth of the "Safety of nuclear power generation" has collapsed, he concluded that, as a researcher who studied Electronic Engineering while at university, he feels that he has obligations and responsibilities to the future world. 

The lectures were fruitful and impressive, getting in touch with the soul of a very sincere researcher.

In the later part of the lectures, entitled "Tutorial by a super leader--Talk with the top", the students who enrolled on the "Tailor made Baton Zone educational program" had a meeting with Professor Sakaki in the President's Room. 
Here, once again the importance of interchange with different fields and different cultures, and the importance of "doing things at one's own pace" were the topics.

In addition, since President Yoshiyuki Sakaki of Toyohashi Tech, and Professor Hiroyuki Sakaki are brothers, they talked about their childhood. 
Students who also have brothers and sisters asked interesting questions about brotherhood. 
It was a friendly and productive round table talk.


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