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Special Lecture on "Damage to Buildings and Quake-Resistant Effects during Tohoku Earthquake"

10 Jun 2011

kouzouseminor1[1].jpgOn May 31st, the fourth 'Structural Engineering Seminar in Toyohashi' was held.
This seminar has been held by the laboratory of architecture and civil engineering on an irregular base since last November. 

In the past, the seminars have aimed at broadening the knowledge of the audience, who are drawn from both within and outside the University, about architectural engineering by introducing topics covering modern design of buildings, construction, and technology by inviting working-level designers to speak.

This time, however, Professor Yamada lectured, based on his own research results covering the damage caused by the Great East-Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11th.
Topics that were covered included the quake-resistant and vibration-suppression technologies that were adopted for inclusion in buildings in Sendai City, and the effects of these technologies in terms of limiting damage.

kouzouseminor2[1].jpgHe presented details of the relationship between the type of damage caused and the size of the structural elements, as well as the specific characteristics of damage that occurred to finished materials other than structural elements. 

Furthermore, he explained the effects and problems of attempts to renovate buildings and to make them quake-resistant, showing actual examples.  An audience of about 90 attended the lecture.  Neighboring working designers commented that the lecture was a helpful reference that could have a bearing on their work.

Toyohashi Tech extends its heartfelt sympathies to all of those affected by the Great East-Japan Earthquake, and at the same time Toyohashi Tech hopes that this seminar will help to enable measures for the prevention of disasters by developing quake-resistant building techniques for use in the East Mikawa Area.

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