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Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) Poster Competition, 2011

09 Jun 2011

20110530093820img0_j[1].jpgA total of 36 poster presentations by junior researchers and postdoctoral students were displayed at the GCOE Sensing Architect poster competition 2011, covering the last year of the GCOE project

This poster competition has been organized every year for junior researchers (including doctoral students) to improve their ability to design research projects and to present them, as well as to train them in the skills that are necessary to win research funding in a competitive environment. The research themes that were preferentially selected were subjects relating to "A combined study of microchips and of leading-edge "intelligence" for application to microchips". This was the same brief as last year's competition, since the development of this area was one of the more important reasons for the establishment of the Center for G-COE at TUT.

20110530093820img1_j[1].jpgA review of the posters will be made by the Members of the promotion office for the competition to consider its originality, its design, and its contribution to this project.  The winner will then be aided by a research fund (maximum one million yen) from GCOE. The adopted subject will be presented at a symposium, and the poster will be displayed in front of the promotional office, the same as last year.

Since the competition was held outside the lecture building (Building A) during lunch break, many Undergraduate and Master's students participated in addition to the judges (professors) and faculty members.  It was a great success, including active question and answer sessions.

On the same day, the 13th Prestige Lectures, which are produced by president Sakaki, and the tailor-made "baton zone" lecture were held.  The invited lecturer, Dr. Hiroshi Fujiwara, CEO of the Internet Research Institute and Professor of the SDM research project at Keio University, visited the competition and listened to the presentation with University Vice-President Ishida, who is the Center Director of GCOE.

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