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Important Notice: Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake [Updated 14 April]

14 Apr 2011

Check the latest official information from Japanese government:
Information for foreigners on 2011 Tohoku district- off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake (English, Chinese, Korean)

Environmental radioactivity level of:

Monetary Donation at TUT
for the victims of Tohoku -- Pacific Ocean Earthquake

We hereby appreciate your kind offer of donation for the victims of Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake.
If you want to donate money to the affected population of earthquake and tsunami,
please donate at the Student Affairs Division in B-building.

<Monetary Donation >
March 18, Friday -- April 28,Thursday
Hours: 8:30-17-15, on weekdays
Place: Student Affairs Division, Counter No.5
Amount: 1,000 yen each donation, enveloped with showing your name, status, nationality and amount of donation

All of your helpful donation will be donated the victims through the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Thank you once again for your sympathy for the affected population.

Toyohashi Tech Emergency Headquaters 

Toyohashi Tech established an Emergency Headquarters for response to the disaster in the afternoon of March 14, 2011.

Dear All International Students,

"Toyohashi Tech is running and operating as usual, and not that
disturbed by the Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake."

We know that you have some worries about the situation of the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear power station.
Japanese government updates information frequently through the web page
of Prime Minister's Cabinet and other News source.
So please access the latest and accurate information from the news from
Japanese government or NHK.

Japanese Prime Minister's Cabinet

NHK online

The distance between Toyohashi and Fukushima is more than 430 km,
and government does not announce the evacuation from Aichi or Shizuoka.

There is no suspicious data in the radioactivity determination done by
Aichi Prefecture. You can access the data of radioactivity determination
of Aichi prefecture.

And the following site provides information on radioactive levels of
each prefectures(due to Tokyo Electric Power Co Fukushima nuclear power
plant crisis caused by the earthquake) .

International Affairs Division,Minister's Secretariat,
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

[Reference Information]
Amount of radiation that ordinal Japanese citizen get is 2.4 mSv per
year (0.27 micro Sv per hour).
You get 2.7 mSv radiation when you take X-ray examination.

We also post related information in the university's web.
Please check it.

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