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Toyohashi University of Technology is safe

14 Mar 2011

As you may know, a massive earthquake hit north-east region of Japan on Friday 11 March 2011, and serious damages were caused by the tsunami afterwards.
We thank you so much for your warm messages and support for us.

Fortunately, Toyohashi University of Technology and around region are safe after the earthquakes. Tsunami reached to Toyohashi port was 60 cm high and the campus is built on the hill.

We are now trying to confirm the safety of all members of university.

About the current situation of the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Toyohashi is far from Fukushima prefecture (430km south-west from Fukushima), so at this moment, we say that to study in Toyohashi is safe.

However, we have never experienced such disaster before, so we are too checking the latest information form the news sources.

If you have any worries or concerns, please contact us.

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