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Special Lecture of Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research

21 Jan 2011

Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research had a special lecture as follows.

DATE: Friday, 21 January 2011
TIME: 11:00 - 12:00
VENUE: 2nd Floor, C Building, C-204

Prof. Serge Stinckwich
Universite de Caen, Basse Normandie, France and IRD,
International Research Unit UMMISCO (France),Ha Noi,Vietnam

Adapting robotic disaster response to developing countries

IRD is a french research institute quite unique in the landscape of
European research for development. Its task is to conduct research in
the South, for the South, with the South. Its researchers are working
on issues of major global importance today: global warming, emerging
diseases, biodiversity, access to water, migration, poverty, world
hunger. The global climate change induces an increase, in terms of
frequency and devastating power, of natural disasters (particularly in
developing countries). For facing this, there is a growing need for
robotic assistance, for collecting information, managing disaster
situation, rescuing victims and preserve human lives. It is one of the
means recommended by the UNPD (United Nations Program for
Development), which consist in the deployment of on-field automated
monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. This talk
outlines the research performed in the AROUND (Autonomous Robots for
Observation of Urban Networks after Disasters) project. This project
addresses the issue of developing a search and rescue multi-robot
systems taking into account specific constraints of developing

Lecturer's History

Serge Stinckwich is associate professor from the Universit de Caen
Basse Normandie (UCBN) and he is currently working at IRD (Institut de
Recherche pour le Developpement). He defends his PhD Thesis at
University of Savoie in 1994 for his work about programming languages
for multi-agent systems. Since 1996, he is working at University of
Caen in the research team "Models-Agents-Decision" in the Groupe de
Recherche en Informatique, Imagerie et Instrumentation (GREYC) de Caen
(UMR CNRS). En 2008, he was invited professor in the MOVE research
team (MOdelisation et Verification) at LIP6 (University of Paris 6).

Since October 2008, he is an associate researcher of the IRD, on
secondment ("delegation" in French) in the UMMISCO (Unite de research
Modelisation Mathematique et Informatique de Systemes Complexes)
research team in its vietnamese implantation (Ha Noi). His main
research interests are software architecture for multi-agent and
robotic system, networked robotics for Urban Search and Rescue and
disaster management information systems.

Recently, he was conference organizers of ATDM'09 (Second
International Workshop on Agent technology for Disaster Management),
DSLRob'10 (First Workshop on Domain Specific Languages for Robotic
Systems) and DYROS'10 (International Workshop on Dynamic languages for
Robotic and Sensors systems).

Professor Jun Miura,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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