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Holding the Future Earth Lecture

26 Nov 2019

On Tuesday, November 26, a lecture on Future Earth was held in the university library collaboration area, with Dr. Fumiko Kasuga (specially appointed fellow at the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Secretary-General of the Japan Hub of Future Earth) and Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee (Honorary Director of Academia Sinica, former head of the International Council for Science, and 1986 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry) invited to present.

The lecture hall was packed with students and faculty. Dr. Kasuga's talk touched on the role of the Future Earth organization and international developments. She introduced these topics while considering recent extreme weather disasters. Mr. Lee's talk was based on his experiences as a scientist. As someone who helped establish Future Earth as the head of the International Council for Science, he introduced the latest cutting edge research in materials science, renewable energy, and climate change.

Future Earth is an international collaborative research platform aiming to achieve a sustainable global society. The organization was first proposed in 2012 at the UN Conference of Sustainable Development (Rio+20), and began its activities in 2015 based on a 10 year plan.

As one of the priorities of the Onishi Plan 2019 and as a member of the UN Academic Impact, the university has declared its intention to work across the entire school to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing shared global issues such as world poverty, food and water shortages, urban problems, environmental degradation, and global warming. The event provided a vital opportunity for university students and faculty to learn about Future Earth's latest initiatives as an academic research body working to achieve the SDGs.

191219futureearth-1.jpgDr. Kasuga lecturing

191219futureearth-2.jpgDr. Lee lecturing

191219futureearth-3.jpgThe two lecturers with President Onishi

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