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Global House plenary meeting and farewell party: Look back on 2018 and renew for 2019

08 Mar 2019

"Global House plenary meeting" and the "GAC farewell party" were held on Saturday, March 2nd, hosted by students from the Global House Student Committee (GHSC) and resident assistants.

The "Global House plenary meeting" is a meeting where students living in the TUT Global House look back on their life and activities there and think about the future. The first meeting was held last year, which is the first year of the course, by student proposal, and this year is the second. "GAC farewell party" was newly planned for farewelling the first GAC students who were going to move out from the TUT Global House as they complete their undergraduate programs.

At the "Global House plenary meeting", host students presented the result of the questionnaires on the life in the TUT Global House and gave an overview, then all students joined a workshop for reflection on the current year and plan making for the next year, as well as the announcement of "Global House MVP Award" for 2017 and 2018 spring semester recipients. It was an excellent opportunity for participants to share their experiences and think collectively as to what they would like to realize for the future at the TUT Global House.

At the "GAC farewell party", junior students and undergraduate 4th year students, who had just returned from the global industrial internship-training program, talked casually over snacks. The juniors were so curious about the experiences of the global industrial internship conducted in various parts of the world that they asked many questions such as, what their works were like, local lives, cost of living, and public security. The first GAC students are expected to continuously act proactively during their master's program after completing the "Living & Learning program".

■ TUT Global House and GAC (Global Technology Architects Course)
TUT Global House is a unique shared house style student accommodation where Japanese and international students of GAC live together. GAC students will reside in TUT Global House and take "Living and Learning program" during undergraduate period and acquire global communication and interpersonal skills by reflecting the experience of global society. *
The very first students of the 3rd year transfer, who enrolled in when the course was established in April 2017, will complete the 2-year of "Living and Learning program" this March and will leave the TUT Global House. They will help to create a multicultural global campus in our university through their research and activities in the GAC Master's Program.
* In this year, general course students with global aspirations also lived together in the TUT Global House.

■ Global industrial internship training program
TUT students must participate in an internship-training program from January to February in their undergraduate 4th year. For the GAC students, a special arrangement is made to ensure that the students are allocated in a non-native language environment, such as for international students in Japan, and for Japanese students overseas.







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