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Expression of Stop Bands in Forward Volume Spin Waves

29 Jan 2019

Contribution to the realization of super low-power spin wave integrated circuits

A research group led by assistant Professor Taichi Goto at Toyohashi University of Technology have, for the first time in the world, demonstrated stop bands that prevent propagation of specific frequency components of "forward volume spin waves." Forward volume spin waves are transmitted through magnetic insulators without the flow of current, and are expected to be applied to the next generation of integrated circuits (ICs). Furthermore, among the spin waves that have been confirmed, forward volume spin waves are the most suitable for information transmission in IC chips, and there are high expectations for their application. However, until now, noise in forward volume spin waves was large, and the stop bands, which are one of the basic physical phenomena, could not be observed. In this demonstration, a magnetic insulator was combined with metal to suppress the noise in forward volume spin waves, and the expression of stop bands was confirmed experimentally.

This research was jointly conducted by Assistant Professor Taichi Goto, PhD student Kei Shimada, Associate Professor Yuichi Nakamura, Professor Hironaga Uchida, and Professor Mitsuteru Inoue of the Toyohashi University of Technology. Additionally, the samples used for the experiment were prepared under a joint research initiative with Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Full text: Expression of Stop Bands in Forward Volume Spin Waves
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