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41st University Festival (Gikadai-sai) held

11 Oct 2018

The 41st University Festival (Gikadai-sai) was held between October 6 and October 7 (Sat and Sun). The theme this year was "Soar!" with the festival attracting a total of around 2,200 visitors across the two days.

Each of the university's extracurricular activities groups held highly elaborate events, demonstrations, exhibitions and refreshment booths, helping to bring the festival to life. On October 6, the first day of the festival, voice actor Marina Inoue held a talk show for the visitors. This was followed up the next day by a live comedy performance from the two groups TOKYO 03 and Tokyo Hoteison. Both days were thoroughly enjoyed by a large number of festival goers.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended.





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