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TUT has joined the United Nations' Academic Impact initiative

25 Jun 2018

In June 2018, TUT received a certificate to join the United Nations Academic Impact (UN Academic Impact: UNAI), an initiative launched by the United Nations, run by its Department of Public Information.

UN Academic Impact has set ten principles, and TUT will center their efforts on the following four principles among the ten.

  • Principle 4: A commitment to the opportunity for every interested individual to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of higher education;
  • Principle 5: A commitment to building capacity in higher education systems across the world;
  • Principle 9: A commitment to promoting sustainability through education;
  • Principle 10: A commitment to promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the "unlearning" of intolerance, through education.

TUT has been engaged in academic activities to become a globalized university, and the participation in the UN Academic Impact will provide TUT with thrust to continue the activities for globalization contributing to international society.

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