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Students hosted "TUT Summer Festival" at the TUT Global house

03 Aug 2018

"TUT Summer Festival" was held on a sunny Sunday, July 15.

The TUT Summer Festival is a student-planned event, designed to provide an opportunity to enjoy Japanese culture in the form of a traditional "Matsuri" (Japanese festival), allowing TUT's Japanese students, international students, faculty members, staff, and local people to get to know each other, and encourage the spread of globalization outside TUT.

Around 60 people took part, coming together to enjoy nagashi somen (flowing noodles), fukuwarai (similar to pin the tail on the donkey), water guns, paper sumo, and highlights of Japanese culture. Being a typically hot summer's day, the water gun event naturally proved extremely popular and with target games and the fun of being soaked in the summer heat, the festival became a very refreshing event.

On the day of the festival, students from Aichi University and members of the Toyohashi Brazilian community also participated, deepening interactions between those on and off the campus. As part of the international theme participants quenched their thirst with lime tea and ate banana donuts (Cekodok), creating a tasty environment for international exchange.

TUT Summer Festival, with the aim of creating a place for international exchange on campus, was planned and carried out by students living in TUT Global House, who, as skill in craftsmanship goes without saying when attending a technology university, also created the slide for the nagashi somen and water guns from bamboo.

The festival is planned to be held again next year in July, mark your dairies!







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