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The TUT Robocon Club Wins Second Place at the 2018 NHK Student Robocon

13 Jun 2018

On June 10, the TUT Robocon Club (known as the Toyohashi Robocons) competed in the 2018 NHK Student Robocon - ABU Asia-Pacific Qualifying Trial held at the Ota City General Gymnasium.

The theme of this year's competition came from the concept of "nem con (shuttlecock throwing)," a traditional game played in North Vietnam. A "carrying robot" had to pass a shuttlecock to a "throwing robot" and the throwing robot had to then throw the shuttlecock through some rings. Teams won a point for every time the shuttlecock passed through a ring and competed based on the number of points they earned as well as their robots' speed.

The team from TUT comfortably made it through the preliminaries and the second round and advanced to the finals. They fought hard against the team from Tokyo University and came close to winning but were defeated in the end. Not only did the TUT team win second place, they were also awarded the "Engineering Award" and the "Special Award."

The event will be broadcast on NHK on Monday, July 16 (public holiday). Please check it out.

Broadcast Schedule for the 2018 NHK Student Robocon
Monday, July 16 (public holiday) on NHK General Television
From 9:30 AM






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