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TUT Global House Held "TOYOHASHI VEGE-night: Social Gathering with 'Inochio Holdings Inc.'"

02 Mar 2018

TUT Global House presented an event "TOYOHASHI VEGE-night: social gathering with 'Inochio Holdings Inc.'", on February 16th. Inochio Holdings Inc. is a company headquartered in Toyohashi, running successful agribusinesses throughout Japan, and is now regarded as one of Japan's leading companies within the agricultural sector.

Company members and TUT students participating in internships at the company, as well as 35 students that included Global Technology Architects Course (GAC) students and other international and Japanese students attended the event.

After Inochio CEO Mr. Isao Ishiguro and Director Mr. Kohei Ishiguro introduced their company, students and company representatives then interacted together and exchanged ideas while enjoying local fresh food. The company provided an excellent array of wonderful foods: Sandwiches with vegetables mainly produced by farmers in the Higashi Mikawa region, several kinds of tomatoes made in Inochio's farms, soup, desserts, and so on. All ingredients are halal for Muslim students.

It was such a valuable experience for the students to get to know a successful local business and modern agricultural technologies, whilst enjoying locally produced delicious food.

*Global Technology Architects Course (GAC)" is an original course established by TUT specifically designed for Japanese and international students who desire international careers.
GAC students live in the "TUT Global House", a unique shared-house style of student accommodation where both international and Japanese students live together. The students obtain global communication capability through the everyday life experienced there, as well as cultivating problem solving skills under diverse value sets and interpersonal skills applicable globally, by planning, managing and participating in various exchange events.

180223-vege1.JPGPresentation by Inochio Holdings Inc. CEO Mr. Isao Ishiguro

180223-vege2.JPGStudents and members of Inochio Holdings Inc. interacted together while enjoying local fresh food

180223-vege3.JPGParticipants of the Event

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