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Debrief by the participants in the 2017 Tri-Institutional Collaborative Global SD

13 Nov 2017

We run this training as part of the MEXT Program for Promoting the Reform of National Universities' 'Tri-Institutional Collaborative/Cooperative Educational Reform Project' to develop our staff's credentials as leaders of the globalization of the three institutions and promote autonomous skill development by gaining experience using English overseas, for example, international tasks (see Center for International Education website).

This year, 15 people from Toyohashi University of Technology, Nagaoka University of Technology and National Institute of Technology participated. As part of their preparatory training, we ran lectures in English writing, English conversation and international relations at Toyohashi University of Technology, later sending the staff to the Universiti Sains Malaysia and DISTED College, our educational bases and international exchange partners located in Penang in Malaysia to complete practical English training and training in progress management for international meetings as well as share opinions with the local staff in order to improve their English ability and ability to perform international tasks.

The debriefing took place by interconnecting the affiliated institutions of each training participant using GI-net system for remote lectures and teleconferencing that connects the 59 bases in Japan shared by the institutions with an exclusive high-speed communication line. It started with opening remarks by Mr. Kojima, Director-General for Administrarion, and went on to include reports about the activities undertaken, what was gained through the training this time around, how to reflect that in the workplace, and points of the training that could be improved.

A lively Q&A session was held after the presentations by each participant, and Mr. Takahashi, Executive Coordinator, and Mr. Omura, Deputy Director General of the National Institute of Technology gave their feedback on the program, with Mr. Yokoyama, Executive Director of Nagaoka University of Technology closing the debriefing.

We will continue to run this training program as a joint project between the three institutions to develop the skills of our staff members

171113kensyu-1.jpgTraining in Penang

171113kensyu-2.jpgPresentation using GI-net

171113kensyu-3.jpgThe debriefing

171113-kensyu-4.JPGMr. Kojima with a representative

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