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"TUT Global House" held their first guest-invited event "Social gathering with the President"

07 Dec 2017

TUT Global House held a "Social gathering with the President" event on November 14th. This was the first social event of this kind held by the TUT Global House students and it was decided that their first ever guest should be President Onishi.

"TUT Global House" is a unique multicultural boarding house specially designed for "Global Technology Architects Course (GAC)" students.

27 GAC students attended the event, and together with the president, they frankly exchanged their opinions and ideas about the GAC program, life in the TUT Global House, and various other topics.

The event went on in a relaxed atmosphere with light refreshments, and provided a good opportunity for both the students and the president to recognize their aims, ambitions, and thoughts about the GAC.

The "Global Technology Architects Course" started in April this year, and these students are the first to be a part of this new and exciting TUT program.

*Global Technology Architects Course (GAC)" is an original course established by TUT specifically designed for Japanese and international students who desire international careers.

"Global Technology Architects" refers to creative engineers and researchers who have the conception and design ability to discover, analyze and solve global issues from a panoramic view.

GAC students live in the "TUT Global House", a unique shared-house style of student accommodation where both international and Japanese students live together. The students obtain global communication capability through the everyday life experienced there, as well as cultivating problem solving skills under diverse value sets and interpersonal skills applicable globally, by planning, managing and participating in various exchange events.




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