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【notice】Announcement of the Graduation Ceremony for the academic year 2019

23 Mar 2020

To Graduating Students

Due to the spread of infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, the graduation ceremony scheduled for March 23 will be changed as follows.

(1) Award of diplomas to graduate representatives and doctoral course graduates
    March 23 (Mon) 10:00~ A-101 Lecture Room at TUT
    Attendees:Doctoral course graduates,Representative of Master's course graduates, Representative of undergraduates

(2) Distribution of diplomas to undergraduates
    March 23 (Mon) 11:00~ Lecture room at TUT designated by each Undergraduate Program
    Attendees:Graduates of Undergraduate programs

(3) Distribution of diplomas to master course graduates
    March 23 (Mon) 13:00~ Lecture room at TUT designated by each Master's Program
    Attendees: Graduates of Master's programs

* Graduation party is canceled.
* Do not participate if you have a fever or other cold symptoms.
* Unfortunately, we request your family and related people to refrain from attending the ceremony. Because it will be held on a smaller scale.
* These events may be canceled if a new coronavirus occurs in Toyohashi City.
* Graduates who cannot attend the ceremony will be mailed a diploma by postal mail. The Educational Affairs Division will notify the application method.

Contact Information
About graduation ceremony: General Affairs Division
Tel 0532-44-6504 / e-mail:
About delivery of diploma: Educational Affairs Division
Tel: 0532-44-6545 / e-mail:

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