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TUT established a new research institute to accelerate innovations in technology

On April 1st 2016, Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) opened a new on-campus research organization, “Research Institute for Science & Technology Innovation”.

The mission of TUT is to contribute to global development by creating new values which will help to shape our future society. In order to achieve this, TUT conducts research aimed at developing new technologies through scientific investigation and innovation.

In order to accelerate and maximize its contribution to society, TUT integrated the existing on-campus research institutes and centers under a single new organization of “Research Institute for Science & Technology Innovation”.

The mission of the new Institute is;

  1. Strategic promotion of cutting-edge and innovative research by collaboration with national and international leading companies and top research institutions.
  2. Promotion of value creation type of emergent systems-led research fused with growing artificial intelligence technology.
  3. Promotion of and recommendations for problem-solving social system research.

The newly established Department of Strategic Research and the existing Electronic-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) as well as four other research centers are now integrated under this new organization.


Building a new on-campus global student accommodation

As part of the Top Global University Project, a new style of student accommodation will be built. The key point of this new style accommodation is that it will create a multicultural environment which will enable international and Japanese students to live, eat and study together on campus.

The design concept was created by an on campus competition, while the design details and the construction company were determined through public bidding. The concept is “En - connections“, where “En” is the Japanese word for meaningful social relations. It aims to connect people to people through the use of a boundary free multicultural space.

Six buildings of shared-house style accommodations where 5 students share each unit (living & dining room, kitchen and bath room) will be built. The total capacity will be 180 students. A common balcony connects pairs of units on the same floor, and all buildings are connected through a community square.

Residence in this new accommodation is guaranteed to all undergraduate international and Japanese students who enroll as part of the new “Global Technology Architect Course” which will commence from April 2017. As long as rooms are vacant, they may be made available to other TUT students.

Artist’s impression of the new global student accommodation

Floor plan

Area Plan

TUT Academic Year 2016 Matriculation Ceremony

On April 4th 2016, Toyohashi University of Technology held its 2016 Academic Year spring matriculation ceremony to welcome a total of 877 new undergraduate and graduate school students.

In keeping with TUT’s unique admissions profile, 373 graduates of “Kosen” (Japan’s unique institutes of technology) were admitted as 3rd year undergraduate students and 371 graduates of TUT’s on-campus undergraduate program were admitted into the graduate school.

About 6% of the new students (53 students), including visiting or research students, were international students. They come from the following diverse countries; Bangladesh, Egypt, Finland, Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

At the end of a long day including the matriculation ceremony, guidance and orientation sessions, a welcome party for new international students was held in TUT’s student lounge. About 150 students, faculty and university staff welcomed the new international students from all over the world.

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