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Message from the President

April 1, 2015

Globalization of Technology and Science

The challenge of Toyohashi University of Technology


This year marks my second year as president of Toyohashi University of Technology. I am deeply grateful to all the people, both on and off campus, who have supported me during the past year. Thanks to their efforts, we at the university were able to successfully carry out our educational, research-related, and social activities last year.

In particular, we have taken an even bolder step in our journey towards internationalization thanks to having been selected last year as one of the 37 public and private universities nationwide that will be a part of the Top Global University Project.

The university aims to take advantage of one of our distinctive characteristics, namely the many technical college ("kosen") graduates who bring their passion for engineering to their study here. Also we want to work with our faculty to make continual innovations and progress towards the following goals which we believe will help establish TUT amongst the ranks of world-class engineering universities.

First, we will take our campus-wide internationalization project to a higher level. By leveraging our educational base in Penang, Malaysia and the Top Global University Project, we will make further progress in our efforts, such as increasing our proportion of international students and creating a bilingual campus. We intend to stand on the front line of the internationalization of Japanese society. We will continue to create a multicultural campus where anyone can freely study to better themselves, regardless of whether they come from different countries, regions, or ethnic groups.

Second, we will endeavor to interact with the local community through the multiple channels of our academic-social collaborations so that we can effectively use the particular resources we have at the university for the sake of social development. Because our region faces concerns about damage from a major Nankai Trough earthquake, we, as a regional base, will contribute to the creation of a safe society that can feel at ease in terms of disaster prevention and mitigation. Furthermore, we will also continue to apply engineering and IT technologies in the fields of agriculture and bioresources.

Third, we will enhance and bolster our dominance as a research university. In particular, the activities at the Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute will further raise our research standards in the fields of semiconductors and sensors to internationally respected levels, and will create a body of research through its collaboration with other research and development centers on and off campus by being active in applied semiconductor and sensor research and in other joint industrial-academic research endeavors.

Fourth, in terms of education, we will promote the training of innovative engineers that will be active globally, and develop a system at the Penang campus we launched last year for long-term internships. During these internships interns will have the opportunity to engage in problem solving, which will continually expand our undergraduate and predoctoral curricula. This is all meant to further enhance TUT's mission to train kosen graduates to be practical, creative, and influential professional engineers and researchers. Furthermore, we will offer lectures from faculty in English to continue the university's transition towards bilingual education.

Fifth, we will challenge our operations and management staff to make systematic innovations that achieve the seemingly paradoxical challenge of embracing the virtues of both continuity and flexibility of movement among our faculty and staff. Specifically, through our newly introduced tenure track system, which is unique to TUT, we will endeavor to set up a system that provides opportunities to many different researchers by increasing mobility, thus allowing us to securely lay down the foundation of an organization that is devoted to research. Also, we will continue to engage in bottom-up discussions under my leadership, as university president, to develop action plans for our on-campus administration.

In the context of achieving these goals, the most important point is that TUT remains true to its original spirit, as a seat of education and research where open discussion is free and easy and researchers can feel free to develop their research according to their inspiration, so that we all may enjoy the pleasures of education and research. With this purpose in mind, it is essential that we fully embrace an intellectual and healthy campus lifestyle where we help each other in our roles as faculty, staff, undergraduate students, and graduate students. I will also strive to create such a campus together with all of the executives, faculty, staff, and students.

Takashi Onishi
Toyohashi University of Technology

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