To all new students in October 2021

(Please add "" to the end of the e-mail address for each inquiry.)

Request to those who are moving from outside the prefecture

If you are traveling from outside the prefecture, please wait for one week after arriving in Toyohashi City before coming to the university.
During this period, stay in an apartment or a hotel.

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

Distribution of course-related materials and submission of personal materials

On the first day you come to the university, please come to the Educational Affairs Section (prefab on the north side of Building A1).
Necessary materials will be distributed. At that time, you will be asked to fill out and submit your personal documents.

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

Payment of Welfare Dues

Please make payment at the Student Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division (Building B, 1st floor) on the first day you come to the university.
Students who are continuing their studies at the university do not need to pay.

Contact: Student Affairs Section (Email: gakusei@office)

Guidance for New Students

All guidance is provided on demand (online viewing).

On-demand guidance
Follow the steps below to take the on-demand guidance.
Complete the course by Monday, October 4, and answer the two response forms at the bottom of the instructions.

First, you need to complete the procedures to use the university network.

Procedures for Using the University Network

 Receive "Your account information of Information and Media Center" and "Notification of your matrix code" from the Information and Media Center.

 1.Watch Network Guidance

 2.Register an email address for password recovery
   *Click on "Profile Maintenance" from the menu on the left side of the screen and
    register the " Mail Address for Password Recovery" at the bottom.

 3.Setting up the one-time password application
   *Refer to the instructions on how to set up the one-time password.

 4.Setting up Gmail app in your smartphone

 5.Take the 【INFOSS Information Ethics course】 and pass the quiz (takes about 1 hour).
   *Click on [INFOSS Information Ethics course] on the right side of the linked screen.     

Enroll in the Google Classroom for New Student Guidance

Class Code rk5w5od

For more information on using Google Classroom, refer to the following pages.
How to start Google Classroom
How to enroll in a class of Google Classroom

Confirm your attendance and answer questionnaires

After attending all new student guidance sessions, please fill out the following two forms.

【Answer deadline: October 5, 9:00 a.m.】

On-demand Guidance Confirmation
Questionnaire on Ownership of ICT Devices and Internet connection

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

Searching and Downloading Materials Needed for Classes

Select 2021 as the starting year for the course.
・Course Schedule and Academic Calendar
FAQ&Materials>3 Registration>1 Course Schedule /Academic Calendar
・Intensive Course Schedule(For Master's Course)
Information>Intensive Course>Japanese Industrial Technologies and Innovations
Google Classroom Class Code List
FAQ&Materials>3 Registration>13 Googleclassroom class code

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

Course Registration and Preparation

After taking the guidance, log in to the Kyomu Joho System and complete the course registration procedures.

The registration period start on October 2 and ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15. Please also check the " Academic Calendar" for the schedule.

Register Google Classroom for the courses you have registered for.

See the Google Classroom Class Code List to check if there is a Classroom for the course.
If there is a Classroom, be sure to register it because it will be used for remote classes and important information about the class will be given in the Classroom.
(Course registration in the Kyomu Joho System is not linked to Google Classroom registration.)

If the syllabus says " Remote Class" but there is no Google Classroom

Ask the lecturer in charge of the class how to take the course.
The email address is listed in the syllabus.

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

About the Entrance Ceremony

The entrance ceremony has been cancelled. Please see the details below.
Cancellation of the 2021 Entrance Ceremony

In lieu of the ceremony, a congratulatory message from the President will be released below.
Congratulatory Message to the Students Entering Toyohashi University of Technology in October 2021
The message will be open from 9:30 on Monday, October 4.

Contact: General Affairs Section (Email: somsom@office)

Start of Classes

Classes are scheduled to start on October 5th.

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)


TOEIC Listening & Reading Test will be held from October 15th to October 29th.
This is a test for all students to check their English proficiency. The details will be announced on the Information System for Academic Affairs.

Contact: Educational Affairs Section (Email: kyoumu@office)

First published: September 27, 2021 / Last revised: October 1, 2021

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