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Affiliation Center for IT-Based Education (CITE)
Title Professor
Fields of Research Educational Technology / Civil Engineering / Higher Education
Degree Dr. of Engineering (Hiroshima University)
Academic Societies Japan Society of Civil Engineers / The Society of Materials Science, Japan / Japanese Society for Engineering Education / Japan Society of Kansei Engineering
E-mail ichitubo@cite
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The swift development of ICT and AI is merging with the manufacturing technology, leading to the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution / Society 5.0. Therefore, it is most important to grow engineers' abilities to realize the sustainable development of technologies, to drive the complete transformation of all the social systems.
In this laboratory, we focus on following two big issues to build the growth framework for engineers.
(1) Development of the growth frameworks to engineers as they challenge themselves, achieve their goals for professional growth
(2) Development of the principles, frameworks, and processes to support engineers as they grow in their careers

Theme1:Development of the growth frameworks to professional engineers

Competencies of five Asian countries

The objectives of this research were to develop the competency evaluation for the global engineer resource development coordinated the learning materials and teaching methods. We built the assessment rubric and problem-posing manual for evaluating generic skills. This research-based on an international test for engineering students involving five Asian countries including Japan estimated these results: We could understand that the characteristics of competencies depended on engineering education in each country. In every grade, the score of critical thinking became high, and the collaborative thinking score became low.


Competency Evaluation, Generic Skill, Global Human Resource Development

Theme2:Development of the frameworks to support professional engineers in their careers


Kosen, one of the Japanese education system of engineer careers, is held in high regard due to the quality of learning outcomes, equity in the distribution of learning opportunities, and overall value for money. The objectives of this research were to analyze elements of quality assurance of the Kosen education system from external evaluations. This research-based on the Kosen evaluation and accreditation of the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE), we analyzed these results using quantitative text analysis. Here were some of the most important elements for engineers’ growth of Kosen education: courses (of advanced course), graduation, research, and so on.


Kosen, Quantitative text analysis, elements of engineers’ growth

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Engineering ethics

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