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Kyoko, Kanzaki

Affiliation Center for IT-Based Education (CITE)
Title Project Associate Professor
Fields of Research Linguistics (Lexicon, Lexical Semantics), Natural Language Processing
Degree Doctor of philosophy
Academic Societies Association for Natural Language processing, The Linguistic Society of Japan, Society for Japanese Linguistics, Mathmatical Linguistics
E-mail kanzaki@imc
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Laboratory website URL
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Our aim is to clarify the mechanism by which we store linguistic information in our brain, which is called "mental lexicon", and to create computer system which understands and generates sentences.
A human generates a sentence flexibly with combining some words by using syntactic and/or semantic information.
We are investigating organizations of Japanese words by using relations between words, and exploring syntactic and semantic rules used during sentence generation.

Theme1:Construction of Verb Lexicon with paraphrase expressions for Control Language

Theme2:Project for "Knowledge Hub AICHI”

Theme3:Semantic organization of words extracted from corpora

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