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Tsuchiya, Masatoshi

Affiliation Information and Media Center
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Natural Language Processing
Degree Doctor of Informatics (Kyoto University)
Academic Societies Information Processing Society of Japan / The Association for Natural Language Processing
E-mail tsuchiya@imc
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Laboratory website URL
Researcher information URL(researchmap) Researcher information


The most fundamental units of natural language are sentences and words. In order to understand a sentence, it is necessary to split a sentence into words and to make a structure involving them. From this point of view, words are classified into two categories, content words
which have meanings by themselves and functional words which are mainly used to represent relationships between content words. To tell the truth, distinction between content words and functional words is not clear. In Japansese, there are many functional expressions. Each functional expression consists of several content or functional words, and is used to represent functional relationships
more minutely. They are quite important to understand Japanese sentences.

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