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Lim Pang Boey

Affiliation Insthitute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education
Title Professor / Director of IGNITE (International Education)
Fields of Research Hologram Memory, Evaluation of Hologram Material, Collinear Horography
Degree Ph.D. (Saitama University)
Academic Societies The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan / The Magnetics Society of Japan / The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers / The Japan Society of Applied Physics / Materials Research Society (USA) / Optical Data Storage (USA)
E-mail may2lim@cie.ignite
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Laboratory website URL
Researcher information URL(researchmap) Researcher information

Title of class

1. Physics II Physics II-a (B1013006a), Physics II Physics II-c (B1013006c)
2. Counseling on the professional education - both General Courses
(Languages, Physics, Mathematics and etc.) and
Specialized Courses, and on everything else in TUT. Available languages
: Japanese, English, Malay, Indonesia and Chinese.

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