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Seiko Suzuki

Affiliation Insthitute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education
Title Research Associate
Fields of Research English Literature
Degree BA (Kinjo Gakuin University)
Academic Societies The Japan Association for Language Education & Technology
E-mail seiko@cir.ignite
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About the feminism thought seen by "A Room of One's Own"
Self-study through e-learning system

Theme1:About the feminism thought seen by


It considers that Virginia Woolf considered feminism how and is expressing it in "A Room of One’s Own.


Feminism, Woolf

Theme2:Self-study through e-learning system


NetAcademy2, an English-learning system with a special emphasis on improving English proficiency as measured by the TOEIC test, is installed in the Center for International Relations. It is freely accessible from any computer on campus. There are various methods of self-study, which differ according to the learner’s level of understanding. Techniques to promote continued learning and to improve English skills through effective use of this easily accessible system will be examined.


e-learning, self-study

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