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Kazutaka Shibatomi

Affiliation Department of Environmental and Life Sciences
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Synthetic Organic Chemistry / Organo Metallic Chemistry / Fluorine Chemistry
Degree Ph. D (Nagoya City University)
Academic Societies The Chemical Society of Japan / The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan / The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan / The Society of Fluorine Chemistry, Japan / American Chemical Society
E-mail shiba@ens
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1) Efficient Synthesis of Fluorinated Organic Molecules
2) Design and Synthesis of New Chiral Catalysts

Selected Publications:
◆ K. Shibatomi, A. Narayama
"Catalytic Enantioselective α-Chlorination of Carbonyl Compounds"
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry (Review), in press
◆ A. Narayama, K. Shibatomi, Y. Soga, T. Muto, S. Iwasa
"Copper(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Fluorination of β-Keto Esters Using Chiral Spiro Oxazoline Ligands"
Synlett, 2013, 375-378.
◆ K. Shibatomi, Y. Soga, A. Narayama, I. Fujisawa, S. Iwasa
"Highly Enantioselective Chlorination of β-Ketoesters and Subsequent SN2 Displacement of Tertiary Chlorides: A Flexible Method for the Construction of Quaternary Stereogenic Centers"
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 9836-9839.
◆ K. Shibatomi, A. Narayama, Y. Abe, S. Iwasa
"Practical Synthesis of 4,4,4-Trifluorocrotonaldehyde: A Versatile Precursor for the Enantioselective Formation of Trifluoromethylated Stereogenic Centers via Organocatalytic 1,4-Additions"
Chemical Communications, 2012, 7380-7382.
◆ K. Shibatomi, F. Kobayashi, A. Narayama, I. Fujisawa, S. Iwasa
"A Diels-Alder Approach to the Enantioselective Construction of Fluoromethylated Stereogenic Carbon Centers"
Chemical Communications, 2012, 413-415.
◆ K. Shibatomi, A. Narayama, Y. Soga, T. Muto, S. Iwasa
"Enantioselective gem-Chlorofluorination of Active Methylene Compounds Using a Chiral Spiro Oxazoline Ligand"
Organic Letters, 2011, 2944-2947.
◆ K. Shibatomi, K. Futatsugi, F. Kobayashi, S. Iwasa, H. Yamamoto
"Stereoselective Construction of Halogenated Quaternary Stereogenic Centers via Catalytic Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction"
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 5625-5627.
◆ K. Shibatomi
"Alternative Synthetic Strategies for Enantioselective Construction of Halogenated Chiral Carbon Centers"
Synthesis (Review), 2010, 2679-2702.
◆ K. Shibatomi, T. Muto, Y. Sumikawa, A. Narayama, S. Iwasa
"Development of a New Chiral Spiro Oxazolinylpyridine Ligand (Spymox) for Asymmetric Catalysis"
Synlett, 2009, 241-244.
◆ K. Shibatomi, Y. Tsuzuki, S. Iwasa
"Lewis Acid-catalyzed Asymmetric Fluorinations of β-Keto Esters: Dramatic Improvement in Enantioselectivity by Changing the Operation Sequence"
Chemistry Letters, 2008, 1098-1099.
◆ K. Shibatomi, Y. Zhang, H. Yamamoto
"Lewis Acid Catalyzed Benzylic Bromination"
Chemistry-An Asian Journal, 2008, 1581-1584.
◆K. Shibatomi, H. Yamamoto
"Stereoselective Synthesis of α,α-Chlorofluoro Carbonyl Compounds Leading to the Construction of Fluorinated Chiral Quaternary Carbon Centers"
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2008, 5796-5798.
◆K. Shibatomi, Y. Tsuzuki, S.-I. Nakata, Y. Sumikawa, S. Iwasa
"Synthesis of Axial Chiral Cyclic Amine Substituted 2-(Oxazolinyl)pyridine Ligands for Catalytic Asymmetric Fluorination of β-Ketoesters"
Synlett, 2007, 551-554.

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