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Seiji Iwasa

Affiliation Department of Environmental and Life Sciences
Title Professor
Fields of Research Organic Chemistry / Organometallics
Degree PhD (Chiba University)
Academic Societies Japan Chemical Society / American Chemical Society / The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
E-mail iwasa@ens
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Many different type of synthetic methods as an advanced technology has to be established for the synthesis of target organic molecules such as natural products and fine chemicals. The major focus of research in our group is in the discovery of highly enantioselective reactions incorporation of chiral molecular catalysts, and their application to the total synthesis of bioactive organic molecules. Recent examples are novel chiral xanthene(xabox)/Mn(II) or Mg(II) catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of nitrones, water soluble chiral bis(oxazolinyl)-pyridine(pybox)/Ru(II) complex catalyzed cyclopropanation reactions, and (pybox)(pydic)/Ru(II) catalyzed H2O2 oxidation reactions of hydroxamic acids and phenol derivatives.

Title of class

Special Topics in Applied Organic Chemistry (M44630100)
Advanced Molecular Function Chemistry 1(D54030060)

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