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Yoshihiro Saito

Affiliation Department of Environmental and Life Sciences
Title Professor / Chair of Graduate Program of Functional Materials Engineering for Doctoral Degree
Fields of Research Microscale Separation Science / Analytical Chemistry
Degree Ph. D (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Academic Societies The Chemical Society of Japan / The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry / The Society for Chromatographic Sciences / American Chemical Society
E-mail saito@ens
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Due to the recent requirements for stationary phases in chromatography such as higher selectivity, we have been developed various novel stationary phases by the systematic analysis of the retention behavior of sample solutes. One of the examples is the successful introduction of the synthetic fibers as the stationary phase in packed-capillary gas chromatography. The applications of the fibrous stationary phases as the novel extraction medium in sample preparation techniques are also studied in our group.
Miniaturization and automation of the whole separation instruments have been another important project in separation science, because of the increasing requirements for recent separation systems, such as selective/specific detection with high sensitivities, high throughput processing, as well as an environmentally-friendly feature of the systems. On the basis of the above concept, miniaturized sample preparation and separation techniques have been also studied along with the effective coupling of these techniques.

Theme1:Development of Novel Stationary Phases in Chromatography.


Chromatography is regarded as one of the most effective and powerful techniques in separation science, and a wide variety of applications have been studied not only in the area of analytical chemistry but also in pharmaceutical, medical and environmental chemistry. In this topic, we have developed novel stationary phases in liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, including fine fibrous stationary phase.


Molecular shape recognition; Chemically bonded phase; Liquid chromatography; Gas Chromatography

Theme2:Miniaturization of Sample Preparation Techniques.


To reduce the amount of organic solvent and chemicals in the analytical process, we have introduced miniaturized analytical system consisted of micro-extraction for sample preparation and microcolumn in chromatography for effective separation. Downsizing the whole analytical process could be realized with the effective on-line coupling of the sample preparation and chromatographic separation.


Microextraction techniques; Microcolumn separations; On-line coupling; Sample preparation

Theme3:Needle Extraction Device for Effective Sample Pretreatment.


Introducing a novel needle-type sample preparation device for sampling and preconcentration of variety of volatile organic compounds in air samples, various applications especially a precise analysis of air environment have been demonstrated, including human breath analysis and fire investigation.


On-site sampling; Derivatization; Air analysis

Title of class

Advanced Separation Chemistry

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