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Shinichi Itsuno

Affiliation Department of Environmental and Life Sciences
Title Professor / Vice President(Objectives Setting and Evaluation)
Fields of Research Asymmetric reaction / Polymer-supported catalyst / Peptide folding
Degree Dr. of Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Academic Societies Chemical Society Japan / Society of Polymer Science Japan / Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan / American Chemical Society
E-mail itsuno@ens
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We carry out research in several areas at the interface of organic chemistry and polymer chemistry and are especially concerned with asymmetric synthesis, reactive polymers, and new polymer synthesis. We mainly focus on the development of new methods of asymmetric synthesis with the aid of polymer supported chiral catalysts. We are also considering statistical theory of protein (peptide) folding, which will provide a novel approach to design of new asymmetric catalyst system.

Theme1:Polymer-Immobilized Chiral Catalyst

Theme2:New Chiral Polymer Synthesis


Chiral polymer, quaternary ammonium salt

Theme3:The Statistical Theory of Peptide Folding


Peptide folding, dynamic secondary structure, normalized formation ability

Title of class

Advanced Polymer Chemistry I ( 452023)

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