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Akai, Daisuke

Affiliation Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute(EIIRIS)
Title Assistant Professor
Fields of Research Crystal growth / Ferroelectric thin films / Semiconductor devices
Degree PhD in Engineering (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Academic Societies Japan Society of Applied Physics
E-mail akai@vbl
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I'm studying for fusion on a functional material and Si integrated circuit technology. An insulating crystal thin film (γ-Al2O3) was grown on Si substrates and ferroelectric thin film smart sensor with Si electronics was developed using above substrates.

Theme1:Epitaxial growth of γ-Al2O3 thin films on Si substrates


Silicon (Si) is the base of a semiconductor integrated circuit (LSI), and is used for various electronic devices, such as a sensor and various signal-processing circuits.
If an insulating thin film with a high dielectric constant is producible with sufficient crystallinity on Si substrates, it not only can use as an insulating film instead of SiO2, but it can form material with various functions on the Si substrates, and it will become possible to add a new function and value to Si-LSI.
In this theme, I investigate quality improvement of γ-Al2O3 thin film as an insulating crystal thin film.


Al2O3, epitaxial growth, functional oxide material

Theme2:Ferroelectric smart sensors using γ-Al2O3/Si substrates


It becomes possible to form material with various functions on Si substrates, and to integrate with circuitry by using epitaxial γ-Al2O3 thin film on Si substrates.
"Ferroelectric thin film smart sensor" which has the ferroelectric thin film as a sensor part on Si substrates was developed using a γ-Al2O3/Si substrate.
Although ferroelectric material has all the electrical properties (ferroelectricity, pyroelectric 、 piezoelectricity) of a dielectric material, especially, for sensor application, pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity are important.
On γ-Al2O3/Si substrate, it is possible to control the crystalline orientation of a ferroelectric thin film. The thin film shows excellent in pyroelectric and piezoelectricity.
In this theme, Infrared detector array and ultrasonic transducer array are fabricated and evaluated for infrared imaging and ultrasonic imaging sensors.

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