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Youna Lee

Affiliation Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
Title Research Associate
Fields of Research Biosensor / Semiconductor Devices
Degree Master of Electronics Engineering (Kyungpook National University)
Academic Societies The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan / The Japan Society of Applied Physics / The Korea Sensor Society
E-mail lee@ee
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Theme1:Bio-image sensor for multi detection of neurotransmitter activities and pH change in real-time


I'm developing a multiplexing bio-image sensor that can monitor ATP, acetylcholine and pH change in nervous system simultaneously. The developed sensor can be the world’s first analyze tool that can widely observe and detailed explain the brain function by an electrochemical method. The research concept has shown in figure. The proposed sensor bases on charge-transfer-type pH image sensor consisting of 128 x 128 pixels and various enzymes are immobilized on each pixel to detect several kinds of neurotransmitters selectively. The measured spatiotemporal information with high selectivity enables spatiotemporal imaging of neurotransmitter dynamics in real-time. The high spatial resolution makes possible to specifically monitor a chemical interplay among cells. A targeted molecular could be selected according a purpose and customized by changing an immobilized enzyme simply.

Selected publications and works

澤田 和明, 奥村 弘一, You-Na Lee, 「センサ」, 日本特願番号2015-213876, 2015.

“Development of an ATP and hydrogen ion image sensor using a patterned apyrase-immobilized membrane,” You-Na Lee, K. Okumura, T. Iwata, K. Takahashi, T. Hattori, M. Ishida and K. Sawada, Talanta, vol. 161, pp. 419-424, Aug. 2016.


Bio-image sensor, Enzyme patterning technique

Title of class

Experimental Practice for Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering 1

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