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Hozumi, Naohiro

Affiliation Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
Title Professor/International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Deveiopment(Concurrent)
Fields of Research Measurement / Dielectrics / Ultrasonics
Degree PhD in Engineering (Waseda University)
Academic Societies The Insutitute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Acoustical Society of Japan, IEEE, CIGRE
E-mail hozumi@ee
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We develop new measurement techniques based on electrical engineering, and propose applications. We design and assemble measurement equipments by ourselves. Information processes like signal processing and image processing are carried out as well. The output of the research are applied to fields of medicine, electric power, environmental technique, automobile, steel, food, and material. We conduct collaborative researches with companies and institutes in these fields.

Theme1:Ultrasonic techniques for medical use.

Ultrasonic microscope for medical and biological use.

We are developing an ultrasonic microscope that can image local acoustic impedance of a biological tissue. It can observe without introducing any contamination to the tissue, and without staining the tissue. At this moment we can observe live cultured cells as well as cross section of tissue. Its resolution is as good as several micrometers.


Ultrasonic microscope, biological tieeue, acoustic impedance.

Theme2:Diagnosing techniques for industrial use.

Location of degradation in underground power cable.

We are developing a new technique for locating the degraded point in a power transmission cable. The "water tree degradation", which is a significant mode of degradation of underground transmission cable can be detected by transmitting a sharp high voltage pulse and measuring its response. We proved that 5 m of degraded part inserted in 400 m of sound cable could be located.


High voltage, insulation diagnisis, ageing.

Theme3:Assessment for high voltage insulation system.


We are developing a new measurement method for high voltage insulation. Internal electrification that significantly distorts internal electric field may lead to dielectric breakdown. By using ultrasonic technique, the internal charge density distribution can be measured by applying a very high voltage. The technique is highly appreciated in the field of high voltage power transmission.


high voltage insulation, measurement.

Title of class

electronic circuit, energy transfer engineering.

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