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Yoshida, Mitsuo

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Assistant Professor
Fields of Research Web Engineering, Computational Social Science, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval
Degree Ph.D. in Engineering (University of Tsukuba)
Academic Societies Information Processing Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, The Association for Natural Language Processing, The Database Society of Japan
E-mail yoshida@cs
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The web (internet) was born more than 30 years ago, now it became an indispensable service for us. On the web, there are a lot of information such as documents written by someone, photos / videos taken by someone, sounds spoken by someone. I am working on research to extract useful information focusing on documents (texts) and relationships between users (social graphs). Recently, I am utilizing big data of social media and analyze the relevance to real world. I am also actively conducting joint research with industries.

According to the rules of our university, I cannot become your supervisor, who is an assistant professor. A lecturer, associate professor, and professor can became your supervisor. If you are a student and continue to be interested in our university, I encourage you to contact other faculty staffs.

Theme1:Altmetrics: Research Evaluation on Social Media

Overview Altmetrics (

I am working on developing novel index for research paper evaluation using social media. As a part of this, I have been provided a web service ( Altmetrics) in order to analyze trends of Japanese research papers on the web.

The previous index for research paper evaluation is based on the number of citations in research papers. The problem with this index is that the evaluator is limited to researchers and it takes time to calculate the index. Today, readers of research papers are not limited to researchers. Therefore, we need an evaluation index that also takes into the index the degree of attention other than researchers.

Selected publications and works

Masato Kikuchi, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. Journal Name Extraction from Japanese Scientific News Articles. Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual Summit and Conference 2018. pp.143-148, 2018. [DOI]


Altmetrics, Social Media, Bibliometrics, Library and Information Science

Theme2:Web and Social Media Analysis


I aim to reproduce real world information using web data, especially social media data. It is fairly costly to observe real world. For example, we will conduct a questionnaire survey and put on sensor devices according to the environment to be observed. Recently, we will acquire useful information on the web. However, it is pointed out that users are biased on the web. In other words, the relationship between the web and the real world is not always clear. In this study, we will investigate the characteristics of social media data and clarify the relationship between the web and the real world.

Selected publications and works

Hiroshi Hayano, Masanori Takano, Soichiro Morishita, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. Analysis of the Influence of Internet TV Station on Wikipedia Page Views. Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. pp.4328-4332, 2018. (
Yoshifumi Seki, Mitsuo Yoshida. Analysis of Bias in Gathering Information Between User Attributes in News Application. Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. pp.4375-4382, 2018. (AMiner)
Chen Zhong, Shi Zeng, Wei Tu, Mitsuo Yoshida. Profiling the Spatial Structure of London: From Individual Tweets to Aggregated Functional Zones. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. vol.7, no.10:386, 2018.
Mitsuo Yoshida, Fujio Toriumi. Information Diffusion Power of Political Party Twitter Accounts during Japan's 2017 Election. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Informatics. vol.2, pp.334-342, 2018. (
Takashi Nicholas Maeda, Mitsuo Yoshida, Fujio Toriumi, Hirotada Ohashi. Extraction of Tourist Destinations and Comparative Analysis of Preferences Between Foreign Tourists and Domestic Tourists on the Basis of Geotagged Social Media Data. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. vol.7, no.3:99, 2018.
Shiori Hironaka, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. Temporal Analysis of Online Social Graph by Home Location. ACM IUI 2018 Workshop : Web Intelligence and Interaction (WII 2018). 2018.
Jinsei Shima, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. When Do Users Change Their Profile Information on Twitter?. Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. pp.3119-3122, 2017. (
Shiori Hironaka, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. Analysis of Home Location Estimation with Iteration on Twitter Following Relationship. The 2016 International Conference On Advanced Informatics: Concepts, Theory And Application (ICAICTA2016). Penang, Malaysia. August 16-19, 2016. (
Mitsuo Yoshida, Yuki Arase, Takaaki Tsunoda, Mikio Yamamoto. Wikipedia Page View Reflects Web Search Trend. Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci '15). no.65, 2015. (
Yuto Yamaguchi, Mitsuo Yoshida, Christos Faloutsos, Hiroyuki Kitagawa. Patterns in Interactive Tagging Networks. Proceedings of the Ninth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-15). pp.513-522, 2015.


Big Data, Computational Social Science, Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence

Theme3:Web and Social Media Mining

Geo-Tweets in the World

Social media is being used on a daily basis, and various information is posted there. I have been operating data collecting systems, especially from social media (Twitter), where various information is posted. As the result, I can handle almost all tweets with location information and Japanese/English retweets, and large scale social graphs. I am conducting researches to make the most of these data.

Selected publications and works

Kaya Okada, Mitsuo Yoshida, Takayuki Itoh, Tobias Czauderna, Kingsley Stephens. Spatio-Temporal Visualization of Tweet Data around Tokyo Disneyland Using VR. The 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2018). 2018.
Yuki Kondo, Masatsugu Hangyo, Mitsuo Yoshida, Kyoji Umemura. Home Location Estimation Using Weather Observation Data. The 2017 International Conference On Advanced Informatics: Concepts, Theory And Application (ICAICTA2017). 2017. (
Mitsuo Yoshida, Yuki Arase. Exploiting Twitter for Spiking Query Classification. Information Retrieval Technology (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). vol.7675, pp.138-149, 2012.


Web Mining, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval

Title of class

Basic Experiments in Computer Science and Engineering
Laboratory Experiments on Computer Science and Engineering
Physics Laboratory

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