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Umemura, Kyoji

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Professor
Fields of Research Network application technology, Web mining / Network utilization technology /Information filtering
Degree Dr. (Tokyo University)
Academic Societies Association for computing machinery
E-mail umemura@
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We aim to develop an ultimate network application, which leads to improve the utilities of network. Recently, the amount of information from network becomes problematic. We are now interested in filtering out the essential information from disaster area dealing with the huge information on the network. The applications using this technology not only enable us to collect safety information but also make the important information secede from disaster area, unnecessary or ill effects area in the amount of information. We are also researching from the system levels to algorithm about regulating, retrieving and distributing information. Normally, the advanced processing of text is looked as a set of information words, but in our laboratory, we are looking the information from network as the continuity of number and filtering it by our own unique methods putting to practical use of the technology of signal processing or statistics. And we also study the technologies of World Wide Web, the practical methods of Network programming languages, machine learning, statistics, etc, which means we learn wide scopes of the applied technology in using computers.

Kyoji Umemura, Kenneth Church, Substring Statistics, LNCS, vol.5449 Springer, pp. 53-71, 2010

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