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Fujito, Toshihiro

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Professor
Fields of Research Design & Analysis of Algorithms / Combinatorial Optimization / Computational Complexity
Degree Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University)
Academic Societies IEICE / IPSJ
E-mail fujito@cs
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It is well recognized today that many problems of practical importance such as Traveling Salesman problem are computationally hard to solve "efficiently" and "exactly". My research is mainly concerned with what we can or cannot do with such (so called NP-hard) problems "algorithmically". In particular my interest lies more in developing general algorithmic techniques for dealing with them rather than problem specific algorithm designs.

Title of class

Algorithms and Data Structures ( 141102)
Theory of Computation (B13630100)
Advanced Topics in Algorithm Engineering (M23621040)

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