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Miura, Kinya

Affiliation Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Title Professor
Fields of Research Geotechnical Engineering / Civil Engineering / Applied Mechanics
Degree Dr. of Engineering (Hokkaido University)
Academic Societies Japanese Society of civil Engineers / Japanese Geotechnical Society / International Geotechnical Society / International Society of Micropile
E-mail k-miura@ace
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Our laboratory, GeoMechanics Group Laboratory, is studying the stability of soil structure and foundations and the ground environment. The stability of structures under sever external actions including earthquake, heavy rain, and stormy ocean wave, is a pressing issues for the durability of civil structures and the safety and sustainability of civic life. The ground environment is easily influenced by the groundwater-heat flow, and the impacts of construction earth works have sometimes destructive influences on the environment.
The subjects we are tackling are,
- Seismic resistant design of ground, soil structures and structural foundations regarding liquefaction.
- Stability design of reinforced earth retaining walls.
- Application of micropiles and reinforcement of foundations.
- Stability of onshore and offshore structures under stormy wave loadings.
- Coupled analysis and water-heat flow in ground water basin.
The projects we joined or are conducting are,
- Environmental assessment of the groundwater basins in Hokkaido, Japan.; field survey and analysis in two sites.
- Remedial method and stability design of cofferdams in river; analytical survey of the cofferdam destroyed during excavation.
- COE Project (Center Of Excellence, Academic Project selected and supported by Japanese Government) of Toyohashi University: The Stability and Durability of Structures in Onshore and Offshore Area (Ecological Engineering for Homeostatic Human Activities).
- Improvement of earthquake resistance of the facilities in port and harbor area; field observation of the seismic behavior of the large-scaled test quay wall in the Port of Kushiro.
- Effective reinforcement of structural foundations with micropiles; field loading tests on the foundations reinforced with micropiles.
- Reinforcement mechanism and stability design of reinforced retaining wall; Field observation of the Multi-Anchored Retaining Walls.
- Field survey for the mechanism of earthquake induced disasters on in past several earthquakes.

Title of class

Geotechnical Analysis / Applied Geotechnical Engineering

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