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Japanese Government Scholarship (University Recommendation)

The application was closed.

【2017.12.21】Application for admission in 2018 fall semester is now open.

Every year, Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) recommends international students under the Japanese government scholarship program. We select excellent students based on their academic performance and official recommendation from their home university.

*If you are interested in the Japanese government scholarship under the Embassy recommendation, please contact the Japanese Embassy in your country.


1. Eligibility

To apply for MEXT scholarship, applicant must:

  1. Be in their home country when applying and newly come to Japan for the purpose of study upon receipt of the scholarship.
  2. Meet or exceed the academic record score being above 2.30 points for the two most recent years.
    *For detail regarding point calculation, please check "Important Notice about GPA Calculation".
  3. Be officially recommended by their university according to the Exchange Agreement with TUT; or
  4. Be recommended by a president or a dean who has previous involvement in actual activity in our exchange program (universities of non-Exchange Agreement with TUT are included); or
  5. Be favorably recommended by a president of their university despite the non-actual  performance in our exchange programs only if the candidate is regarded as a prospective one that would enhance education and research.

2. Nationality

Applicants must possess the nationality of a country that established diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicants who have Japanese nationality at the time of application are not eligible.

3. Age

Applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1983

4. Academic background

Applicants must be a graduate from a Japanese university or have academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate. A person will be deemed to have academic ability equal or superior to that of a university graduate, if they;

  1. Have completed or will complete a 16-year school curriculum in a foreign country
  2. are or will be aged 22 or older and have been recognized by the TUT graduate school based on the individual screening of qualifications as having academic abilities equal to that of a university graduate.
    Note: As a general rule, a person who has completed a doctoral course may not apply unless they are seeking to obtain a degree.

5. Health

Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy enough to take graduate studies in TUT.

6. Arrival in Japan

Applicant must be able to arrive in Japan within the period designated by TUT for the beginning of the Fall semester, 2018.

7. Visa Requirement

Selected applicants must acquire "Student" (ryugaku) visas before entering Japan. Applicants who change their resident status to any status other than "College Student" after arrival in Japan will immediately lose their status as Japanese government scholarship student.

8. Others

After returning to the home country, former scholarship recipients shall maintain close contact with the university where they studied, cooperate with the conducting of post-return survey questionnaires, participate in events conducted by Japanese diplomatic missions in their country, and work to improve relations between their home country and Japan.

Applicants who meet any or all of the following conditions are NOT eligible. If any of these conditions are identified after the start of the scholarship period, the applicants will be required to withdraw from the scholarship:

  1. Where an applicant is a service member or a civilian employee registered on the active military list at the time of his/her arrival in Japan;
  2. Those who cannot arrive in Japan during the period designated by MEXT or TUT;
  3. Where an applicant is a previous recipient of a Japanese government scholarship, and, does not have educational research experience exceeding more than three years from the first day of the month following the final payment of the previous scholarship to the beginning of the payment of this scholarship. This does not apply to past recipients of Japanese study scholarships and Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program For The Students In Science And Engineering Departments who have graduated or are going to graduate from universities in their home country and past participants in the Young Leaders Program;
  4. Where an applicant is, in principle, currently enrolled in a Japanese university or aother type of school with a resident status of "Student" (ryugaku), or will be enrolled in a Japanese university, etc. as another source or self-financed international student between the time of application for this scholarship period is due to begin. This does not apply to current self-financed international students at Japanese universities who will complete their courses of study and return to their countries before the end of the current fiscal year;
  5. Where an applicant is a grantee of a scholarship from other organization(including any governmental organization of his/her own country) than the Japanese government (MEXT) (Prospective beneficiaries are included);
  6. Applicants who are expected to graduate at the time of application and, cannot satisfy the qualifications and the conditions of academic background by the deadline given;
  7. Applicants of dual nationality who cannot prove their expatriation of the Japanese nationality by the time of the arrival in Japan;
  8. Where applicants who wish, from the time of application, to conduct fieldwork or internship outside of Japan, since this scholarship program is intended for overseas students who wish to enroll in a Japanese university and do graduate research in Japan.

Term of Scholarship:

  • Research Students: From October 2018 to March 2020 (18 months)
  • Regular student of International Master's Degree Program: From October 2018 to September 2020 (24 months)
  • Regular student of International Doctoral Degree Program: From October 2018 to September 2021 (36 months)

If a grantee desires to transfer to a regular graduate course for a degree from a Research Student Program, they may have the term of their scholarship extended upon successful examination by MEXT provided that they have obtained outstanding academic achievement that meets certain criteria.


  1. A grantee cannot have the term of their scholarship extended as a Research Student.
  2. If a grantee proceeds to a higher level of education without receiving approval for an extension of the term of the scholarship, the scholarship will be cancelled. They may, however, proceed to a higher level of education or continue with their study as a privately-financed student.
  3. A Research Student is not able to apply for an extension of the scholarship period if they cannot proceed to a master's or doctoral course by the end of the term of Research Student's scholarship.
  4. If a grantee returns home without an extension though having applied for extension of scholarship period (when a grantee fails their examination to proceed to a master's or a doctoral course for a degree), any travel expenses incurred in order to return home will not, in general, be paid.
  5. TUT recommended MEXT scholarship students cannot advance to a graduate school of a university other than TUT.

Scholarship Benefits:

1. Allowance

The amount of scholarship for 2018 is not officially decided, but for 2017;

  • Research student: 143,000 yen/month
  • Master's course student: 144,000 yen/month
  • Doctoral course student: 145,000 yen/month

*This amount is subject to change depending on the annual budget of each fiscal year.
*The scholarship will not be paid to a grantee who takes a leave of absence or is long absent from TUT.

The scholarship will be cancelled for a grantee in the following cases. Furthermore, if scholarship payments were made during the period the following cases applied, the grantee may be ordered to return scholarship payments received during that period:

  1. If any of their application documents are found to be falsely stated;
  2. If they are in breach of their pledge made to the Minister of MEXT;
  3. If they are subjected to disciplinary action such as expulsion or removal from register by their university or the preparatory Japanese-teaching institution;
  4. If it becomes definitive that the grantee will not be able to graduate (or complete their course) within the standard course term because of their poor academic achievement or suspension;
  5. If their resident status of "Student" as provided for in Paragraph 1-4 of Appendix to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act changes to any other status;
  6. If they are provided with another scholarship (except for a scholarship designated for research expenses); or
  7. If they proceed to a higher level of education without receiving approval for an extension of the term of the scholarship.

2. Air tickets to/from Japan

MEXT will provide a one way air ticket from the grantee's nearest international airport to CHUBU/Nagoya airport.
Those grantees that complete their study within the scholarship period will be provided with a returning air ticket.

*Fees for domestic transportation, airport tax, travelers insurance and other special taxes need to be paid by the grantees.

3. Tuition and other academic fees

Evaluation fee, Admission fee, and Tuition of grantees are paid by TUT.

*Grantees need to pay for university's coop service fee, dormitory fees, textbook, and other fees other than above.

Application Procedures:

Application deadline: January 31, 2018

*Please note that the university office is closed between December 29, 2017 and January 4, 2018 for New Year holidays.

1. Finding a prospective supervisor

Applicants must find a prospective supervisor at TUT, and get their acceptance before applying.
You can search our faculty members by checking Department Information, and Faculty Members List.

*Administration office does not introduce supervisor to an applicant.
*It is very important to communicate directly with your supervisor.

After you obtain the supervisor's acceptance, please download the application forms from this page.
Fill out the each form and submit them to the supervisor.

2. Required Documents

  1. 2018 Application form for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Research Students) 【MEXT_application_form】 *both side printing, no staples
    Photograph (4.5×3.5cm, taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, no hats. Write your name and nationality on the reverse side. Digital photograph is also acceptable.) It must be pasted onto the application form.
  2. Field of Study and Research Plan 【MEXT_study_plan
    *both side printing, no staples
  3. Official Academic Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
    *Please refer to the Note below.
  4. Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  5. Publication list for MEXT Scholarship Application 【MEXT_publication_list
  6. Abstract of Thesis (if completed) or a description of your thesis research in progress
  7. Proof of high performance or good achievement record
    *Such as Certificate of Distinction, rank of academic record among the whole class, Grand Point Average (GPA) etc.
  8. Recommendation Letter
    *Issued by the Dean of the department or by a person in a senior position at the university. Contact details of the writer must be clearly shown on the letter.
    *The name of the addressee stated in the letter must be "the President of Toyohashi University of Technology". We CANNOT accept a letter with "To Whom May It Concern".
    *Applicants working now must get the letter from their company supervisor.
  9. Certificate of language proficiency
    *Score of language proficiency test such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, etc should be presented.
  10. Photocopy of passport (Pages of the name, nationality and picture of applicant only), Family registration or Certificate of Citizenship issued in your home country.
  11. Declaration sheet for MEXT Scholarship Application 【MEXT_declaration
  12. Check list of documents for Japanese Government Scholarship 【MEXT_ms_check

Please also submit an official document that specifies the grading system if it's not described on your transcript submitted.

3. Submission of Application Documents

  1. These documents must be written in either Japanese or English. A document written in any other language must be attached with a Japanese or English translation.
  2. Certificates and other official documents must be issued from the university or officials. Photocopies of the documents cannot be accepted unless officially attested.
  3. Do NOT staple the application documents.
  4. Applicant should submit all required documents by e-mail first, and also by international express mail to the supervisor. An E-mail file should be smaller than 5MB. If it is bigger than 5MB, please divide into two or more e-mails.
    Application documents submitted to;
    Atten:Prof.***(Your prospective supervisor's name)
    Department of *** (your prospective department of engineering)
    Toyohashi University of Technology, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580, JAPAN
    *Those applicant wishing to confirm the arrival of the application,
    please contact "incoming@office (Please add '' at the end of the email address.)" about the application.
  5. Application documents once received cannot be returned.
  6. Applications will not be considered if any of the documents are incomplete, incorrect, or lacking supporting evidence, nor will they be considered if they arrive after the deadline.
  7. We cannot answer any inquiry regarding the rank of our recommendation list.

4. Schedule of Selection for 2018

2018/01/31 Deadline for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Application
2018/03/30 University's result is announced
2018/05/31 Application deadline for International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program
2018/06 Final result from MEXT
2018/10/01 Enrollment as a Research student or Regular student of International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program

5. 受入予定教員作成書類等(*Applicants do not have to prepare these documents.)

*Supervisor in TUT will fill in the following documents.

  1. 推薦調書(別紙様式1)
  2. 総合成績評価報告書(別紙様式3)

*本学の大学コードは 105012 です。


For inquiries, please contact

Address International Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, 441-8580, Japan
E-mail incoming@office
*Please add "" at the end of the email address.

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