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Japanese Government Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation)

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation)

Japanese Embassies and Consulate Generals (hereafter referred to as Japanese embassies) recruit students for MEXT scholarship by request from Japanese Government (MEXT). Since details such as application periods and qualifications differ by countries, applicants should check information from Japanese Embassy in your country.
Please refer to the following website.
[Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

<Graduate Level>
After passing the first round of screening at Japanese embassies, the applicants wishing to study at Toyohashi Tech should contact our faculty as soon as possible to ask for "Letter of Acceptance" from a prospective supervisor.
You can search our faculty by checking Department Information, and Key Word Search. If you cannot get reply from our faculty staff, please use this Contact Form, and send your email to
"Letter of Acceptance" is a letter which certifies that Toyohashi University of Technology will accept the applicants when the applicants passed all the screening. The prescribed form for the letter of acceptance will be provided by the Japanese embassies.
Applicants usually enroll under the status of research students, do their research and study Japanese language for six months or a year. Then, after passing the entrance examination, the applicants enroll in our Master's or Doctoral program.

<Undergraduate Level>
In order to enroll in the undergraduate program at Toyohashi University of Technology as MEXT scholarship students (Embassy recommendation), at first, the applicants should pass the screenings at Japanese embassies.
If accepted, the applicants must take Japanese language lessons at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture at Osaka University for a year. After that, if the applicants pass the screening of the university for which they are applying, the applicants can enroll in the undergraduate course of the university.

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